Loving this for some reason. Looks like an old cut paper illustration, and the colors are perfect.

ESPRIT + M.E.S.H. + Tallesen + Urulu

I chose this image because of the colors and the look. Everything would be very flat and I think this would be an interesting visual experience from what we are used to seeing in theatre.

As ilustrações solitárias de Belhoula Amir

As ilustrações solitárias de Belhoula Amir

The Fun and Upbeat Illustrations of Imaginism Studios - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

Sweden-based designer and illustrator Patrik Svensson, famous for his minimalist typography movie posters and book covers, presents a series of minimalist posters this time.

14 Clever Illustrations by Former Tram Driver

I love this print. "The way we met, it happened so fast," illustration based on a one-liner by Patrik Svensson.