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A look at marine debris collected during Coastal  | #lifeadvancer | @lifeadvancerCleanups

In Honor of World Oceans Day: Infographics that Explore the Deep Blue Sea

Check out this infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help.

Infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help. Illegal Wildlife Trade is threatening the very existence of some of the world's best-loved species. Find out how and why some key species are being affected by

Danke an den Vogel, der das gemacht hat!

But the biggest unknown is how to go about studying the ocean, when most of it doesn’t really want to be found. 16 Things No One Knows About The Ocean

Posters For GOOD

Our marine life has been replaced by trash.... — Posters For GOOD

Save My Oceans Poster Campaign on awareness to save marine life from trash debris - Activism -

Disturbing infographic shows how plastic is clogging our oceans : TreeHugger

Disturbing infographic shows how plastic is clogging our oceans

Personal life- It is important to know the reason why recycling is so important. It is much easier to recycle and reduce plastic use once I learned just how damaging they are to our oceans.

Ever wonder what happens to the stuff we throw away? #MSWinfo #infographic pic.twitter.com/1PUdVedSfi

U.S. EPA on

Municipal Solid Waste in the United States infographics from the U. EPA using 2012 MSW collection data.

Good data on the state of polar bears! #Planet #Sustainability #Nature

The Polar Ice-caps are melting, rendering the Polar bears and the other Arctic animals homeless. Polar bears have ruled the Arctic for years, but now they& struggling to keep up as the region undergoes a dramatic transformation.

Amazing Facts About the Rainforest #infographic #environment The most important is to know that they can only USE the ground cleared for farming for 1 - 2 Years. OMG Stop destroying our home. Don't be BAD Tenants.

50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Rainforests

50 Amazing Facts About The Rainforest Infographic - Rainforests play a critical role in the maintenance of our planet's good health.

What's scarier than this?  Clever and sad.

The New Threat (Sea Pollution poster) on Behance. Make a difference. Be a role model and don't trash the ocean. Pick up litter and properly dispose of it so that it doesn't hurt our oceans or wildlife. They are counting on us to

Save the Earth – Do Something

we are the only one who can save our mother earth, so we must think before we act and we must start to act now before its too late. tips to help save our mother earth-infographics