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I've always loved this. The film titles were always open for interpretation, much like the films themselves! I think that's why the movies are classic: you were never just told something in Star Wars. As the audience, you were expected to figure it all out for yourself. That's what makes good movies.

Thought this was cool

I thought Luke was the jedi who returned because all the other jedi had died, but Luke became a jedi and so the jedi were restored. Luke and Vader BOTH returned. Because "Jedi" can be plural.

Superheroes and Villains as in the Elisabeth Era: Photography by Sasha Goldberger

Sacha Goldberger’s Star Wars series, ‘Flemish in the Stars’

Darth Vader's armor !

Darth Vader's armor !

A little bit shocked there's no mention of an Arc Reactor or a Utility Belt. View "Infographic: The Technology in Darth Vader's Armor" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Héroes y villanos en el medioevo

Héroes y villanos en el medioevo

Portrait of an officer in a black helmet could that be century Darth Vader Photographer Sacha Goldberger

maestro yoda en 3D

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The Devil Wears Powdered Wigs: Satan, America and the Illuminati | In My Sacred Space

The Devil Wears Powdered Wigs: Satan, America and the Illuminati

Funny pictures about Pope Vader. Oh, and cool pics about Pope Vader. Also, Pope Vader photos.

Kung Fu C-3PO | Direct URL: http://imgur.com/SP98HEy

Kung-Fu C3PO, my favorite Star Wars poster. Designed for Japan by someone who never saw Star Wars past the first ten minutes.

gerrycanavan: “ thewindowofthesummerhouse: “ Hideki Ohwada ” this movie looks pretty good actually ”

Alternate Lightsaber Techniques

Alternate Lightsaber Techniques -- I think the Jedi Council needs to take some notes here. Here are more references of animation posies my character could use for his lightsaber attacks.