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Crewman Adjusts Boggie Wheel on Sherman Tank in Tunisia 1943 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

One Tiger tank cost the same number of skilled man hours to produce as two Panther tanks or three Messerschmit 109 fighters, and at 57 English tonnes overall weight it required 2.75 gallons of gasoline to drive one mile.   Tiger tanks were frequently destroyed in combat by the use of heavy artillery to pentrate the thin upper deck and turret top, or the tanks had to be ambushed and shot in the sides or rear at very close range. All 1,355 Tigers were built, within two years (1942 to 1944).

The Tiger Tank ,this one was one of the originals sent to Tunisia and captured ,sent back to the U. and one of the few that still exists in running condition today

M4 Sherman, Normandy, Creighton Abrams 4th Armored Division

Modified US medium tank Sherman - Sherman "Thunderbolt" Creighton Abrams Armored Division

M4 Sherman and New Zealand Tank Crew Rests beside US tank in Africa desert

State of Exhaustion. Western Desert, Egypt: The New Zealand crew of this American-made tank, operating with the British Eighth Army in the Western Desert, takes a much-needed rest after 60 hours of continuous battle. December Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Kilstett, Un chasseur de char M10 Wolverine de la 3e division d'infanterie algérienne (3e DIA) au combat pour la défense de Strasbourg  1945

US-made tank still with US Army markings belonging to the Free French army battling the Germans north of Strasbourg, Jan

The crew of the Soviet “Sherman”.On Board the inscription “Russian Prussian always beaten!”.

bmashina: “ The crew of the Soviet “Sherman”.On Board the inscription “Russian Prussian always beaten!

World War 2 American Tanks | American M4 Sherman #worldwar2 #tanks

German troops inspecting a captured US Sherman tank, Nettuno, Italy, Mar photo 1 of 2

German officers inspecting a Russian  SU-152 tanks destroyer. Russia August 1943.

The was a WWII Soviet tank destroyer based on the chassis of a heavy tank