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l'eternauta graphic novel

001 Edizioni: L’Eternauta totally white

Magnus, il più grande

Magnus Necron "Dieci Cavalieri ed Un Mago" _ Edifumetto 1985

El curioso caso de Benjamin Button. Cómic

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Originally a short story by F Scott Fitzgerald.

Orbital Sniper Development by emersontung on DeviantArt

KRONOS, the prototype Orbital Mobile Frame, was developed by Olympos Industries Space Division. It was later appropriated by the UNSF Military Corp to become the experimental Orbital Sniper ZEUS.


Corto Maltese's sail appeared on the horizon in 1967 by the able hand of Hugo Pratt, Italian artist. Pratt infuses his hero's adventures with.

Living with Cancer: Ross Mackintosh Talks Seeds from Com.x - Broken Frontier - Comic Book and Graphic Novel News & Community | Articles and Interviews

January 2012 Short, spare memoir of the author's father's rapid decline and death from cancer. Simple narrative, little detail, powerful imagery.