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Rockem Sockem by *BobbyRubio on deviantART

Rockem Sockem by *BobbyRubio on deviantART

F is for Friday and........ #fisfor #forgiveness #friday #optimusprime #megatron #transformers #transformersthelastknight #transformersg1

'Optimus Prime and Megatron - forgiveness' by Mike Joos. Part of a series of illustrations on forgiveness where fictitious arch rivals are shown in tender embracement.

I love how Motormaster outright threatens Wildrider, who immediately falls in line out of fear (panel 5 is gold), but he has to gently - well, as gentle as MM can possibly be - cajole Dead End into activity, as threats mean nothing to him. ("Meh. Go ahead and rip my arms off." ) Perfect characterization, as per their original G1 bios. I love how the fans write better stuff than what the IDW writers are currently doing.  Oh, and "Yellowpages!"

Guide to Warfare 18 and 19 "Primus f***ing dammit"


Wolvie Turner Style by BenComics on DeviantArt

Combaticons by ~Klejpull on deviantART

Combaticons by ~Klejpull


my sketchbook cover deadpool

Never stood a chance by BrokenDeathAngel on DeviantArt<<<I remember this issue of Combiner wars I loved Prowls quote. "People will always fail you, Optimus. ALWAYS. Heart doesn't win battles. Feeling don't win wars. Calling them friends or pawns changes nothing, they are failing us, RIGHT NOW!" Somebody needs to say this to twilight sparkle

***Transformers: Windblade-Combiner Wars defeated by the power of friendship. He never stood a chance. Never stood a chance

Bestselling Comics (2006) - Hard Boiled by Frank Miller

Hard Boiled (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - must read this sometime.

hey kids i ate your Halloween candy. by Autumn123Charlotte.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

hey kids i ate your Halloween candy.

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