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Negative Zodiac - Aquarius

Astrology, is it a science or a bunch of hogwash? Perhaps you see it as just a vicarious thrill and there's no harm in reading your own horoscope on a daily basis. For me, astrology has always been somewhat of a hobby. My shelves are lined with.

Zodiac Aquarius action I am an Aquarian That's about me :).

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I am time. I feel the blood. I will love. I analyse space. I balance the mind. I lust the light. I believe in life.

Aquarius Season !

Aquarius Quotes and Sayings Photos. Posters, Prints and Wallpapers Aquarius Quotes and Sayings

ooooooh, thats what I've been doing wrong with him!

The Best Zodiac Facts

They remind me I am not crazy, just an Aquarius, and apparently we are all alike.

This is so accurate. Holy shit.

Zodiac Squad Rolls lol I love mine! LEO- best part of the squad TBH lmao jk jk not really but yeah ✌️<<< the one that got kicked out of the squad years ago. That actually happened but then I found a new better said so that's accurate