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12 Coolest Folding Bikes - Urban Folding Bikes for Commuting

Thinking of purchasing a folding bike? Come read about all the reasons riding and owning a folding bicycle are some of the best adventures and transportation you can own.

TwoQuater bike - If you like your bikes with an electric motor and easy storage capability, then you will love the TwoQuater bike. This bike was designed with conve...

Collapsible Electric Cycles

innovative folding bikes - As populations continue to rise in cities around the world, commuters are getting creative by using multiple modes of transportation to get to work.

white bike-- I really want a bike???? Don't know why but seems like a fun thing to do

in-fi-nity: Wren Bicycles. My bicycle looks a lot like this one but it's orange!

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Mind bike was born from the "feelings" that you want to break this situation mindbike. The aim is to provide a frame structure and design innovative, revolutionize the bicycle industry only ahead of the world.

A Brompton folds much smaller than this Tern Verge S27h. But honestly, this is a comparison of a 3-speed bike with a 27-speed bike. This is two totally different types of bikes. They both fold. But for good reason the red one is in my car for a quick commute, and the black one goes on a plane for a 4 week bike tour with busses and trains in between. So I am very happy with the size of the folded Tern.

Is the Tern Verge the best foldable touring bike in the market?

BROMPTON - Das Faltrad | Faltmechanismus und Optionen http://www.brompton.de/

BROMPTON - Das Faltrad | Faltmechanismus und Optionen http://www.brompton.de/

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just found this bike today doing a search for something similar to a Dahon Dove.