How to Make Shaped #Bokeh. #Holiday #Photography Tutorial by I Heart Faces.

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips

When NOT to use AP mode and use Shutter Speed Priority:  Poor light. In low light two worries are exposure (not getting enough light) & camera shake (blurry pictures). In AP you’re only dealing with light. In shutter speed priority, you can account for camera shake (1/30 or 1/50 of a second) and aperture will adjust around the speed to produce the exposure.   Even if there’s not enough light, the aperture will automatically go to it’s widest, and you can play with the photo in post…

How to Achieve Beautiful Bokeh (Bokeh, Simply put, is the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photograph. It relates to how nice the background blur looks when out-of-focus. Knowing that, you can start to see the uses for it.

How to Capture Holiday Light Bokeh - Photography Tutorial - I Heart Faces

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips