Mauby is a refreshing drink, many islands including Barbados, seem to call their own.  In  Barbados mauby bark, a few bay leaves and cinamon stick spice is boiled and steeped.  You only need a bit, so keep the rest in a container in the fridge. After draining, sugar and a little mixed essence is added to water in a pitcher. Pour in a tall glass over ice. Some add orange peel and other spices. The slightly bitter after taste may take an acquired taste.  It is said to have cleansing…

How to make the classic Caribbean drink called Mauby. Using mauby bark and flavored with cinnamon, orange peel, and other spices, it a uniquely Caribbean dri.

Jamaican Sorrel drink! Good for ya

Day 2: Sorrel & Black Cake

After all this food talk whats your favourite Jamaican drink to have with a meal? Jamaican Food by sleekjamaica

MAUBY DRINK RECIPE | Caribbean Recipes | Caribbean Food Recipes

Learn the Caribbean recipe and ingredients used to prepare Mauby Drink - a Caribbean drink made from the back of the mauby tree.

trinidad mauby - delicious carribean drink, slightly bitter & so refreshing...I always decrease the sugar to two cups

trinidad mauby - delicious carribean drink, slightly bitter & so refreshing.I always decrease the sugar to two cups

Maubi.  4 cups of water  10 mauby bark  2 cinnamon sticks  2 dried pieces of orange peel (4 inches)  nutmeg  3-4 cloves  Place ingredients in saucepan and bring to boil. Turn off stove and allow to steep overnight if possible. You will have a concentrated drink. For every cup of concentrate add 2 cups of water. Sweeten to liken. (

Mauby, a delicious Caribbean health drink. This recipe is for making the concentrate but you can buy it in most Caribbean markets … highly refreshing .

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Sorrel Drink -Spiced up Drink that is enjoyed in Jamaica, Trinidad and throughout the Caribbean during the Christmas Season

Sorrel Juice

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Caribbean Sorrel Drink Recipe |

Caribbean Sorrel Drink

Caribbean Sorrel Drink Recipe- Sorrel is a Christmas drink. We drank it on Christmas day in Barbados. :) It's hard to explain, but it is kind of like a sweet nectary drink.

Mauby : It is one of those classic drinks (non-alcoholic) you'll find throughout the Caribbean. It is best enjoyed ice cold-- chilled and poured over a tall glass of ice.

Mauby : It is one of those classic drinks (non-alcoholic) you'll find throughout the Caribbean. It is best enjoyed ice cold-- chilled and poured over a tall glass of ice.

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