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Đo độ đáng yêu “không phải dạng vừa đâu” của các cụm từ tiếng Anh - Kenh14.vn

Illustrator Roisin Hahessy has created a series of delightful illustrations of common English idioms. While teaching English after recently.


The English idioms explained with some cute and funny illustrations

10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings – Bored Teachers

10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings

Roisin Hahessy, Irish illustrator who moved to Joinville, Brazil, when he started learning a new language, as well as teach English.

Hold your horses and check out other funny illustrations of common English idioms

Common English idioms explained (pictures)

Funny english idioms pictures are peculiar to a language or community giving a meaning different from what the words literally mean. Roisin Hahessy, the art

Roisin Hahessy é um ilustrador que se mudou recentemente no Brasil, está aprendendo uma nova língua e também leciona inglês.

Expressões americanas explicadas com algumas ilustrações bonitas e engraçadas!

Ever think about the literal meaning of some of the English expressions we use every day? Check out these awesome illustrations by artist Roisin Hahessy, who came up with the idea while teaching English as a foreign language in Brazil!