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Hudson Bay Wolf

Hudson Bay Wolf

Winter Grey Wolf by Irishishka - pastel

Pastel, velour paper Thanks to Paul Sherman for his photo reference. - by irishishka.

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Hyène African wild dog, Lycaon pictus, also called Cape hunting dog or painted dog, typically roams the open plains and sparse woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa.

Wolf Art Print Wildlife Art Print Giclee Print

Pastel portrait of a wolf. A portrait of a wolf using soft pastels and pastel pencils on sanded paper.

African forest buffalo - omg, too cute!!

African Forest Buffalo by Tony Camacho. The African Forest Buffalo is the only subspecies of the African buffalo that lives in the rainforest.


The Majestic Deer* This is SO gorgeous!* Stranger In Town ~ Whitetail deer painting by Jerry Gadamus ~ Walk gently upon our Earth Mother, Gaia, keeping in mind that She is forever receiving Her dead and giving birth.

The lion does not prove his worth.

This is the most majestic, beautiful animals living amongst us.So, so beautiful!so glad i.m a part of There Life bc I.m a Leo Lion for Life ♌

PORTRAIT GALLERY - Alison Burchert creates beautiful portraits in pastels of people and pets in colourful pastels from selected photographs

Original Artwork & Limited Edition Prints To purchase any of the Original artworks please call Alison Burchert on 01621 81927 If you wish to order framed prints, please call 01621 819272 to arrange.

red fox pastel portrait

Red Fox Pastel Portrait

A portrait of a red fox using soft pastels and pastel pencils on sanded paper

Faith is my guide: Photo

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