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Greenwich Village. Nice place to live in. #NewYork City #Luxury #Travel Getaway VIPsAccess.com  REMINDS ME of CHELSEA LODGE !!! <3

Nice place to live in // by Livermore artist Danny Anderson. Brownstones all over the city with "stoops" where kids played or sat out on hot summer nights.

Grove Street is one of the more idyllic streets in the West Village. Beginning at Christopher Street, Grove Street continues West making a slight curve before ending on Hudson Street. Along the street, there is a tiny gate with a black sign with gold lettering that states “PRIVATE COURT, No Trespassing.” This gate leads to the hidden Grove Court, a small court yard with 19th century townhouses. Samuel Cocks created the alley in 1848 to house tradesmen and other workers.

Escape the constant hustle and bustle of the busiest areas of New York City with these 12 quaint, peaceful courtyards hidden in plain sight.

To sample some of New York City's best restaurants, green spaces, nightlife, shopping, architecture, and music, all you need is a three-day weekend in the downtown neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Here's how to do it.

The Perfect Three-Day Weekend in New York City’s Greenwich Village

Greenwich Vilage

Greenwich Vilage

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The Greenwich Village Psychologist, Dr. Ben Goldberg has been helping residents of Greenwich Viallge and lower Manhattan for over 25 years.