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Taylor Swift - 2014 Met Gala - Taylor Swift on Her Cat's Attempt to Destroy Her Met Gala Dress: It Was Like a Crocodile Attacking an Antelope on National Geographic

Stop obsessing over Taylor swift, no.

It was halloween "and all the girls at my school were like I'm going to be a sexy police officer, or a sexy student, or a sexy teacher" and my friend Abigail and I were like. we're going to be full out Chubaka's right now" I love her.

“We see our appearance everyday and we forget those negative thoughts aren’t real. We have to try and forget that we aren’t terrible people and we need to learn how to love ourselves.

Taylor Swift for ASOS Magazine.

Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Allure Shoot Is Golden

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alltaywell: ““I was really irritated by the whole serial-dater play that people tried to make about me. I just decided I wasn’t willing to provide them that kind of entertainment anymore. I wasn’t.

Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video Style | POPSUGAR Fashion

See Every Fierce Look From Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video

wears Restricted Neck 2 suspenders w/ Paris layers boob tube and High waisted briefs in White for Bad Blood video

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