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Friday Playlist: Tristes Tropiques

tristes tropiques playlist: songs for when summer happens without you

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Friday Playlist: Deep Sleep, calming indie tunes via Rookie Mag

Playlist if you are ticked off about love on valentines day

Amy Schumer responds to claims she 'demanded' the same pay as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

Rookie » Friday Playlist: Hanging Out With Ginger Fitzgerald

Friday Playlist: Hanging Out With Ginger Fitzgerald - Rookie

be your own hero

These robust, sweeping, mostly instrumental tunes from TV shows and movies are like a collective call to put on an invisible cape, psych yourself up, and go out and conquer the world.

Grrrl Power Playlist

this is a playlist of just a few of my favorite grrrl power songs (i forgot a ton of great ones)- anyway, full track listing is here, and you can listen to it all on here !