Fleur Du Jour....absolutely stunning. I think that when spring comes I might create this beauty....

Could be a good stilts costume.big crinoline cage with lots of vines and fake flowers."My Halloween costume"

City Fairy from Faerie Magazine

Well, that's one way of having an recyclable dress. How about a compost-able dress, pretty cool fairy dress idea, to weave grass together.

Could be modified for steampunk fashion>>Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any by InMyFairyGarden

Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any colour flower and vine flower fairy slave bracelet arm cuff and matching upper arm cuff

Joseph Massie's Stunning Floral Dress

My next project: a floral dress. Exquisite floral dress created by Joseph Massie for Touchwood & unveiled by Rosie Fortescue of Made in Chelsea.