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We live in a world where no one knows how many letters are in the alphabet.

Pick up line. Guy version: there are 20 letters in the alphabet right? Girl: no 26 guy: I forgot u r a q t Girl: that's only 25 guy: I'll give you the d later

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.

I need to do this if I ever have the chance!

Lol, my teacher passed around a petition to "ban dihydrogen monoxide" and everyone (including me, unfortunately) signed it. Then she proceeded to laugh at us all afternoon. Now I go around and warn people about dihydrogen monoxide.

Hug jacket << Can I have a hug jacket and an all-bed room

Room is bed. All is bed. Comes with hug jacket.<<"Matress room with a hug jacket!"-Actual thing said by my friend.

I laughed SO hard at this shit!!

Reminds me of an epic essay my brother's friend wrote in college while on several substances and no sleep for three days . <--- I want to read this beauty you speak of !

The kind of friends we need in our lives

The kind of friends we need in our lives>> friendship goals

Cannot unsee. | 30 People Who Should Have Thought Before They Posted

30 People Who Should Have Thought Before They Posted

That'd be fun

Funny pictures about Let's redefine flower language. Oh, and cool pics about Let's redefine flower language. Also, Let's redefine flower language.

All the gays

"I spit out my soul" xD. <<< I have a great love for this post.

Dying laughing over here //First off, no one know for sure if the ark as told by an old book written by many different people in different times with varying levels of sanity was even real to begin with. But even if it was (again there is no absolute proof either which way), but it wouldn't have been amateurs building it anyway they knew what they were doing .

This is funny, but I believe his point is that the people building the ark were doing something new to them

Well done America, well done.

Do all Americans have pet eagles. Do all Americans have pet eagles . do all Americans hays pet eagles? Yes I reamember my first eagle ceremony when I turned rit UShumor

Tumblr / iFunny :)

Although this isn't my favorite episode this is my favorite part of all the sponge bob series.