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But back to the one line Billy had in the original script. It was actually just a single word: "Bitch.

Thackery Binx and Billy B

Billy Butcherson and Thackery Binx from Disney's classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Art by Serrifth via Deviantart.

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Sarah Sanderson climbs a fence

Which Witch is Which

When Sarah casually hangs onto the cemetery fence in the background while Winnie thinks of a new plan.

Many people don't realize this but Dorothy and the Scarecrow had a secret "long weekend" in the Emerald City before their audience with the Wizard.  Shown here are children from that brief union.

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52 Thoughts You Have When You Watch Hocus Pocus as an Adult

52 Thoughts You Have When You Watch "Hocus Pocus" as an Adult

Hocas pocas print

Hocus Pocus/Sanderson Sisters--Four Wolves in the Den. This makes me sooooo happy. Favorite Halloween movie ever.

PHOTO: The cast of Hocus Pocus behind-the-scene while on set, circa 1992.

'Hocus Pocus' Cast Reveals Memories From the Set