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Ballpoint pen sketch, colored in PS (º◊º)/ I’m trying to learn how to sketch with a pen more! Pens in general make me really nervous because I feel like every stroke counts and there’s not much room for mistakes. Still trying to break out of that.

Step 2. How to Draw Chibi Bodies

Foods turned into people form. >>> looks and food wise- I’m Ramen abd Cassie is mint ice cream. But style wise I am green tea ^.

Мои закладки

Anime picture with code geass sunrise (studio) c. creayus long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer fringe yellow eyes green hair hair between eyes upper body finger to mouth blurry depth of field girl uniform shirt

Boy with long hair.

This is Taroutachi san, I think. I mean it's the red eyeliner and his eye color that tells he's Jiroutachi san's aniki, right?

This Is Who We Are *Shadow Voice* THIS IS WHO I AM!

This Is Who We Are *Shadow Voice* THIS IS WHO I AM!

Anime picture with league of legends (game) syndra (league of legends) kumiko (aleron) long hair tall image looking at viewer light erotic breasts smile simple background white purple eyes cleavage grey hair animated gif bouncing breasts ball