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Colour glowing sphere

Colour glowing sphere - our special version of the mirrored DISCOBALL! Projected on the stage screen backdrop and colours reflected all around the round roof of the venue, with smaller mirror balls around the bases of the columns to SPARKLE the crowd.

Incredible UV Fashion Photography - BuzzFeed Mobile

Incredible UV Fashion Photography

Glow http://comefillyourcup.com/2011/10/25/glow/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Come%20Fill%20Your%20Cup&utm_content=Glow

What if we made a flat lightbulb, with the word 'breakthrough' as the…

Food design studio Bompas & Parr has created luminescent ice cream so cinema-goers can see their snacks in the dark. To make the ice cream glow, the designers impregnated it with riboflavin – or vitamin B2 – which luminesces under certain wavelengths of light.  UV light was shone into the cinema to illuminate the ice cream without impairing the view of the screen. Riboflavin has a bitter taste, but this was masked by the amount of sugar and fat in the mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

Ice cream by Bompas & Parr glows in the dark

London-based creative duo Bompas & Parr have conceived the world’s first glow in the dark Cornetto to celebrate the UK premiere of The End of the World.

German artist Martin Klimas uses splatters of paint positioned on a scrim over a speaker. By turning up the volume, the vibration of the speaker sends the paint dancing as he shoots it through the lens of his Hasselblad camera

Amazing Sound Paintings

Painting with sound, awesome! The artist Martin Klimas splattered paint in different colors over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then turning the volume up, the vibration of the speaker sent the paint aloft in patterns.


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Martha Stewart Glitter Craft. I LOVE glitter! See more diy #glitter #galaxys6 case designs http://www.zazzle.com/samsunggalaxycase/products?qs=glitter&sr=250021891597494752&pg=1&ps=96&rf=238478323816001889&tc=glittergraft-suynghilonpin

Glitter Wall Art

Maybe different color combo but I LOVE glitter! Maybe use this as inspiration for my color wheel