Sometimes the subject's eyes were propped open or the pupils were painted onto the print to give the effect they were alive

Morbid gallery reveals how Victorians took photos of their DEAD relatives posing on couches, beds and even in coffins

odditiesoflife: “Victorian Postmortem Photography Painting the dead was a common occurrence for centuries, so it’s no surprise that in the Victorian era, postmortem photography became standard.

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Originally told this was a Post Mortem photo and have recently been told by a historical researcher that it is not.

Bienvenidos a mi post. AVISO IMPORTANTE: Si sos una persona impresionable o sensible no te recomiendo ver este post. ¿Que es (o fue) la fotografía post-mortem?. La fotografía de difuntos fue una práctica que nació poco después que la fotografía...

Fotografías post-mortem de la era victoriana (Apto)

Viralated – 12 Vintage Victorian Postmortem Photos

VIctorian post-mortem photography: most often the family would have the siblings of the deceased in the photo as well.

Nature reclaiming you


And the trees wept (gravestone,sad,alone,tree root,old grave)

A dead woman surrounded by her family. ca.1875. Later in the 19th century and early 20th century photographing the body in the coffin became commonplace. Earlier photos usually portrayed the body as sleeping or, like this photo, alive.

One of the strangest Civil War - Victorian era customs was post-mortem photography. The woman in the center of the picture, posed here with her family, is actually deceased.