Watercrown, water drops photography by Heinz Maier

Water Drops Photography by Heinz Maier

What's crazy is that these are real, Heinz Maier is the photographer, he has this setup to make water droplets collide, forming these crazy tiny "sculptures"

High Speed Water Droplets

High Speed Liquid and Bubble Photographs by Heinz Maier water studio macro bubbles Timing is everything!

Catch the Blue Drop By Cymaii - Heinz Maier - There is a whole series of these beautiful Fluid droplets. Stunning. www.flickr.com/photos/cymaii/6302579609/in/photostream/

"Catch the Blue Drop" ~ German photographer Heinz Maier’s delicate macro high-speed water drop photographs.

Fotografía de alta velocidad

German photographer Markus Reugel began photographing when his son was born, and his talents quickly developed into a passion. Specifically, he is drawn to

Gotas de agua crean figuras impactantes por Heinz Maier ⋮ Pixelismo

Using a mechanical contraption, Macro-photographer Heinz Maier captures these incredible images of water drops in motion.

Soap, Milk, Acrylic paint, Water and Guar Gum Make Up These Remarkable Liquid Sculptures | ExposureGuide.com

High-Speed Photography Turns Water Droplets Into Liquid Sculptures The German amateur photographer Markus Reugels has perfected the art of high-speed water-droplet photography, capturing every drop’s conceivable fleeting pose.

Markus Reugels (2)

Macro photography of water splashes

German photographer Markus Reugels macro photography of colored water drops highlights the beauty in common substances. Reugels 'LiquidArt' shows the intri

Water Drops by Heinz Maier - Heinz Maier is an amateur who started taking pictures at the end of 2010. Fascinated by the art and technique, he says photography is the best way for him to find relax during his free time. Based in Germany, he’s been experimenting macro photography, mostly with insects and water drops. He works with a special set and uses dyed water to give these drops a surreal aspect at the moment of shooting. Written by Laura Gonzalez

Heinz Maier’s Water Drops


Splashes – 21 incroyables sculptures liquides du photographe Heinz Maier