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Air conditioners without outdoor unit | Olimpia Splendid

Find out more about Olimpia Splendid and oure range of air conditioners without outdoor unit.

Very smart!!! An air-conditioner connected to it's own solar panel!   lg air conditioner 2

Military use of Solar-Powered Air-Conditioning Systems is not new, it is 10 years old already

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner  Nice idea. I wonder how well it would work.? Why not just have the fan itself? I can see ice in the tote working for a bit, it'd be a pain.

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner(Cooler)

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner for your tent when camping. Sometimes it just gets tooooo hot! # add ice to bottom

DIY Pallet AC Cover | Pallet Wood A/C Cover | Air Conditioning Cover | AC Screen…

DIY Pallet AC Cover You Can Make In Just 45 Minutes

Our goal for our DIY Pallet AC Cover was to keep it simple and frugal. It only took us 45 minutes complete and it was free!

Automotive AC Diagram

Automobile Air Conditioning Systems Automobile air conditioning systems are a closed pressurized system. It consists of a compressor, condenser, accumulato

1.  How Irrigating! It’s pretty irrigating irritating, but you’re actually charged twice a month for water usage… once for water that flows in, and once for the water that goes back out as sewage.  That literally IS money going down the…Read more →

Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Your Electricity Bill -

Learn how to save on your electric bill by going solar today plus other money-saving tips you can incorporate daily. Start saving on your home energy bills.

Here is a simple homemade AC unit that you can build in a just a few minutes. It cost me $20 and change, and it cools a room for a good couple of hours.

Homemade AC Unit

Homemade AC Unit use largest cooler you can find and fill with frozen water bottles instead of jugs for better cooling.