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Candy station graceevent world Graceeventworld.com

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Candy bar for Saturday night instead of dessert tray? Do fall colours (orange, deep yellows, browns)

Inside each bag is something for the baby that starts with that letter....the one with the most correct guesses wins the prize! 14161 1482 13 Jenni Nawrot My board Candice Tatum We could spell out boy or girl or tutus or ties whatever the theme is...person that wins gets a prize...thoughts?

How To Set Up A Candy Buffet (Step By Step Instructions

25 Candy Bar Ideas For Your Wedding21

Candy buffets cannot sit in the sun or direct sunlight. They need a shady area otherwise the chocolate melts and the gummy candy becomes one big blob and the candy coated chocolates (MNMs/Sixlets) get greasy.