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Design Abroad - Torino 3/05-2/06_2012

Design Abroad - Torino 3/05-2/06_2012

WANT TO MOVE ABROAD? 10 Myths Stopping You From Living Abroad Debunked!

Do You Want To Live In France? 10 Myths Stopping You From Living...

Do you Want To Move Abroad to France but you don't think you can? Here are 10 myths I struggled with but overcame.

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Portraits in Swirls of Paint / Chris Slabber. I was a "Nature" Element apparently (Bergman Art - www.daniellebergman.com)

What is my "TRUE" inner element?

Adam Martinakis - To the point of no return

Digital Art by Adam Martinakis

Today we want to shwo you a collection of a stunning digital sculptures by Greek and Poland-based artist, Adam Martinakis. Adam studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design at

Eckhard Völcker’s photos of microscopic details of plants and flowers

Eckhard Völcker’s Photos of Microscopic Details of Plants and Flowers, Wonders of Our Living Things Never Cease !

elvismartinezsmith on lomography.com

Back to our basecamp, youths of the village prepared a percussions and dancing show on the beach for us