“El Semillero” is an apartment building complex located in the heart of Monterrey, Mexico. “El Semillero” functions as an intervention in this cultural area by creating a sustainable environment and offering natural expandable housing based on the user’s basic needs and economic flexibility. The project targets young couples and characterizes itself as Fraterna’s largest project yet as well as the continuation to “El Vivero”.  Our branding proposal evokes nature and open spaces; it portrays…

Print and stationery with fluorescent spot colour detail by Anagrama for residential property development El Semillero


Brand Identity for jtbc _ Studio fnt / jtbc 브랜드 아이덴티티 _ Studio fnt

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lovely branding :: the graphic elements use the space well / the intersecting lines don't overwhelm the entire space, even though they easily could / they balance themselves well with the gray and orange, the sharp diagonal lines and the white space

Mylène Poisson identity - one of the most simply GORGEOUS identity systems i've ever seen, in my opinion. STUNNING. i'm definitely dazzled. :)

Mylène Poisson -sommeliere- Branding by StudioCaserne Cool and Creative Business Cards

Good design makes me happy: Project Love: La Dorada

Nice use of colours and specials in the identity for La Dorada , soon to be opening its doors in Mexico. Love the fresh combination of the .