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Festa dell’unicorno, Italy. Cole. Amazing cosplayer: alexredgrave. Photographer: Max.

Damn that's a great Cole cosplay

Jean we all know who you really were anyways!

Oh my god xD Jean is a horse inside

Dragon Age: Inquisition against Humanity. Dorian Pavus knows real magic when he sees it, Cole has an attack of the feels, Leliana knows how to work it, Cullen Rutherford knows the importance of manners, Josephine Montilyet has standards, Morrigan makes a resolution, Sera knows how to impress, and Solas is a real romantic. (click-through for gifs)

Dragon Age: Inquisition against Humanity. Dorian Pavus knows real magic when he…


Accurate quote for Fenris.

Cassandra. The kind of princess I've always wanted to be.

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dragonage, cassandrapentaghast Guess Sera talked her into it.

Cole's first pun - Varric is so proud

Cole's first pun - Varric is so proud <<< Papa Varric looks like he's going to cry :)

Dragon Age- Mage by cherrysplice.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dragon Age- Mage by cherrysplice

DAO Comic 01 by HaughtyFlaki.deviantart.com on @deviantART

lol (DAO Comic 01 by HaughtyFlaki)

Vegetarian and elves

Vegetarian and elves

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

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I was honestly more shocked when I gave Iron Bull the heavy Qunari armour and realized it changed the shape of his pillowy man bosoms.

Fyi- it's a term used to address anyone you are close to, family member, etc. There's no reason for the inquisitor to use it with another soldier, even an advisor, unless they are 'very' familiar with each other.

Technically, for a man it would be "lethallin" and for a woman it would be "lethallan". - I thought it was a double punchline calling him by the female term.

Dragon Age Inquisition- Comic- hu...MAN! by MsArtisticStuff on DeviantArt

it's been a while since I've done a dragon age comic.

Problem solving by sumenya. Dragon Age Inquisition fan art. :)

Cole is so adorable XD cutest character of the game

Dragon Age Stuff | Festa dell’unicorno, Italy. Cole. Amazing...

->This is the best Cole cosplay I have ever seen

Ardent Cosplay @ardentcos

Cosplayer: Ardent Cosplay Photographer: NyxRising Character: Commander Cullen From: Dragon Age Inquisition Country: UK

I love u

Zeruiah x Vepolaxion