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Picture by war correspondent Margaret Bourke-White - American soldiers attend Mass in March 1945 in the bombed cathedral of Cologne.

'Miss Hap' a two-week old Korean kitten chows down on canned milk, piped to her by medicine dropper with the help of Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor . The Marine adopted the kitten after its mother was killed by a mortar barrage near Bunker Hill.

Thank you kiss. Elvin Harley of Kalamazoo, Michigan, of the Armored Division, gets a kiss on the cheek from a little French girl while listening to the Armored Division Band near Aboncourt in northeastern France near the Belgium border on February

The statue of Abraham Lincoln being installed at the Lincoln Memorial in 1920.

Pearl Harbor World War II - Dorie Miller, a black messman, was untrained in machine gun use due to rigid Naval segregation policies. He took over a machine gun aboard the USS West Virginia and was officially credited with downing two Japanese planes and was honored as one of the first heroes of World War II. Six months after the attack, he was given the Navy Cross by Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Doris “Dorie” Miller was a cook in the US Navy noted for his bravery during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December He was the first African American to be awarded the Navy Cross. A ship’s cook on the battleship West Virginia during Pearl.

This is Irina Sebrova, a Soviet pilot in the second world war.
She was the leader of the Night Witches, an all-female bombers regiment.

"Katya Budanova (Катя Буданова), was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force during World War II. With 11 air victories, she was one of the world's two female fighter aces along with Lydia Litvyak." She chose fighter ace over fashion model, apparently.

The Grande Galerie of the Louvre, empty - How France Hid the Louvres Masterpieces During WWII

Looks to me like he grabbed a bit of German weaponry there. That German Weaponry is the German or MP Was the first Assault Rifle in History.

4 June Navy chaplain Luis Padillo was walking around giving last rites to dying soldiers as sniper fire surrounded him. A wounded soldier pulled himself up by clinging to the priest’s cassock, as bullets chewed up the concrete around them.

German child plays with guns lying in the street in Berlin 1945

"Little girl playing with guns left on streets of Berlin after war in *So sad that nothing has changed. In war-torn countries there are still children playing with guns.

Like most of those who study history, he learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones. Taylor – George Silk - Soldiers wander through the bombed-out Cathedral of Cologne, 1945

People posing next to the Statue of Liberty's face as it was being un-packed.Unpacking the Head of the Statue of Liberty delivered June 1885

Miniature Town Brings Its Creator a New Life

Iconic photograph from WWII. American soldier carrying a wounded comrade to safety, while the wounded soldier provides covering fire. Never leave a fellow soldier behind.