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Just a reminder for my fellow 20 yr olds :)

21 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pretty cute ideas in here. I never would have thought but I actually read this before pinning it! Won't be 20 till jan but I'm starting early ;

Self-Care is Not Selfish #Infographic | Sheena Scott.com

Self-Care is Not Selfish + Infographic


take a smile! going to put this on my office door and see if anyone takes me up on it!

Positive self-talk. On the way to overcoming negative thinking. (Infographic only) [[many is the time I have had to slow down, stop, and ask, "What is it I need? What is it that I want?" and when I can answer neither question, that's when I know I'm in trouble ...]]

Infographic on positive self-talk and positive thinking. Displays ways to change your negative thinking into more positive thinking.


So many people take this simple facts for granted. I appreciate the fact that I have clean water to drink, clean sheets, a warm bed and people who love me! I am rich, not with money, but with the things I know I am blessed to have.

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