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Christian Tattoo Ideas He Walks With Us On Foot

Christian Tattoo Ideas; Crosses, Fish, Jesus, Praying Hands & Mother Mary

A collection of some of the coolest and cutest wrist tattoos for men and women. These tattoos are great if you are getting your first tattoo

I want a little tattoo like this one day. Few words, big meaning

Get a Chic Quote Tattoo for Yourself and the People You Love So Much

30 Fantastic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Cherry blossom tattoos are common among the Eastern Cultures like Japanese and Chinese. These tattoos are gaining popularity in the western countries.

Tattoo Designs with Roman Numerals

Tattoo Designs with Roman Numerals

Always wanted roman numerals with these dates.Dates of when she met her hubby and when their children were born

My tattoo I got last night at Redeeming Tattoos by Floyd.

Little pink flower by my redeemed wrist tattoo