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Acer palmatum, Japanese maple  85 cm high  Pot by Derek Aspinall

Bonsai art

Pot by Derek Aspinall. Just such a gorgeous maple. I love this specimen because it's so easy to think of it as a perfect tree in nature that someone simply transposed on top of a bonsai pot.


Ficus Bonsai

Deshojo bonsai by Michael. Multitrunk Deshojo Bonsai (Acer/Maple) with warm autumn colors, by Michael.

#Bonsai Maple - DSC00966_edited-1 | Donald Hulslander | Flickr http://dennisharper.lnf.com/

Product Type: BonsaiSize: Small,MediumBrand Name: kacasesiClimate: TemperateStyle: PerennialApplicable Constellation: VirgoFull-bloom Period: SummerFlowerpot: E

Bonsai Gallery of Walter Pall

The ancient Japanese art of Bonsai creates a miniature version of a fully grown tree through careful potting, pruning and training. Even if you& not zen enough to labour over your own Bonsai,.

Japanese Maple Bonsai. . . My favorite tree. . . . someday I'll have one

To me, bonzai's are elegant and interesting. My latest ineterest has informed that almost anything can be turned into a bonzai. You can even make a fruit tree that produces mini fruits.