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SKUBB Scatola per scarpe - verde chiaro - IKEA

SKUBB Scatola per scarpe, nero

Explore our range of bedroom storage products. Find wadrobe storage and clothes storage ideas and solutions at IKEA.

TJENA Caixa c/tampa - preto - IKEA - €2,99

TJENA Caixa c/tampa, preto

IKEA - TJENA, Box with lid, black , Perfect for papers, photos or other memorabiliaEasy to pull out and lift as the box is sturdy and has cut-out handles.The included label holder helps you to create an overview to quickly find your things.

IKEA - HYFS, Caixa c/tampa, A caixa é fácil de puxar pelo cordão.Pela abertura transparente, pode ver facilmente o que se encontra na caixa.Pode aceder facilmente ao conteúdo da caixa, uma vez que a tampa dobra ao abrir.

IKEA - HYFS, Box with lid, The box is easy to pull out by the loop handle.You can quickly see what’s in the box through the window.You can easily access the contents as the lid folds open.

HÖFTA Divisória para gaveta IKEA

HÖFTA Divisória para gaveta, branco

IKEA - HÖFTA, Divider for drawer, 29 ½ ", , The divider helps you quickly and easily organize your drawers as you like – just cut and put together to suit your needs.If you want more compartments just add more dividers.

HYFS Caixa p/botas - IKEA

IKEA - HYFS, Boot box, The box opens in the front so it’s always easy to reach your boots, even if you stack several boot boxes on top of one another.

SKUBB box, white Width: 12 ¼ " Depth: 13 ½ " Height: 13 " Width: 31 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 33 cm- Boxes to put clothes in. I have shelves in my room and since my room is small, taking away the dresser is a great way to make more space for other things.

SKUBB Box, white

IKEA - SKUBB, Box, black,

SKUBB Box, black

IKEA - SKUBB, Box, light green , Easy to pull out as the box has a handle on the side.All three boxes fit side by side in a 100 cm wide wardrobe frame.When you don’t need the box and want to save space, simply open the zipper in the bottom and fold i

Children's Storage & Furniture - IKEA

TROFAST Wall storage IKEA A playful and sturdy storage series for storing and organizing toys. Practical storage for small things.