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the 1st lesbian Buddhist marriage

The couple married to the sound of the chants of 300 Buddhists at a monastery in northern Taiwan

The Mrs & Mrs Blog

Photography of lesbian engagements & weddings, wedding videos, and the occasional random lesbian themed post.

Beautifully coordinated same sex female couple with simple tuxedo jacket with flat tee under and slacks.

24 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Day Wedding

Wedding: Jaime + Amy

Love that one bride decided to wear a short dress, while the other opted for long.

aww this is cute :)

We'd never let the RWNJ's force straight couples to get divorces. Why should we let them do the same to the LGBT community?

StoryCorps: Unexpected advice from a father to his gay son, 1959 - never "sneak" around your identity.

'Don't Sneak': Dad's Unexpected Advice To His Gay Son In The '50s

Patrick Haggerty dresses in drag in As a teen, Haggerty learned from his father never to "sneak" around his identity.