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aha...i want a shirt w this on it.

pickle jokes are just funny. every pickle joke is funny. and i don't even like pickles.

My mother ALWAYS confuses these two! Same with the roommates! ...lulz.

I need to remember this for next time I'm arguing. umm I mean explaining

This is what happens when I try to do something girly.

Pin Nailed It. Failed It. So I’ve been wanting to make cake pops. But, mine didn’t turn out. So instead I modeled this pin attempt to the Cookie Monster Cupcake pin. My cake pop attempts are on.

Inês Mendes da Silva @Inês da Silva Instagram photos | Webstagram

Haha funny reminds me of a Jace quote, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and pour it into peoples eyes until they give you the oranges you asked for, or something like that:D

I know alot of these....that is why Jerry hides the hammers....

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And oh yes I can!! :)

You know it's been a good day, when I didn't have to unleash the flying monkeys Picture Quote


Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions chocolate understands. I could use some chocolate right now.

oh tator tots!!

My husband and I can't stop laughing. So funny Mr. Potato Head, so funny.

There are a few people that I want to say this to.

K to T-"One day my patience will run out, and I will stab you. In the face. Very hard." Jaime-"I think you normally punch people in the face.

I concur!

Over 18388 people liked this! TRUTH: Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.