Two alluringly attired Edwardian ladies put on a song-and-piano show in 1903, possibly brothel?

The music prompts the dainty step -Copyright by William H. Rau - Photographic print on stereo card: stereograph - Library of Congress.

Kitchen, 1915

HOUSING, FAMILY: "Dinner at Broad Channel." Summer cottage in the Jamaica Bay, Queens, island community circa Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Broad Channel: 1915

February 1943. "Moreno Valley, New Mexico. William Heck ranch. Mrs. Heck getting supper." Photo by John Collier, Office of War Information.

Moreno Valley, New Mexico, 1943 "William Heck ranch. Heck getting supper." by John Collier.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Jewel in the Kitchen: 1942

Winter Washington, D. "Jewel Mazique, worker at the Library of Congress, getting a late snack." Hey, we'll have some of that. Large format nitrate negative by John Collier for the Office of War Information.

Kitchen Nightmare: 1937 June “Child of Earl Taylor in kitchen of their home near Black River Falls, Wisconsin.” Photo by Russell Lee, Resettlement Administration.

Dennis A. Waters Fine Daguerreotypes for the last time sit still or i'll rip it off timmy!

They are an handsome young family, the husband and wife looking much alike. What interested me most were her fingernails. They are longish and cut square, but uneven. This daguerreotype is from the mid and yes, she does have a ring on her forefinger.