might be one of my favorite ampersands

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A | hand lettering by seanwes :: I need to learn how to write the B for this to work. Beautiful handwriting!!

Monogram logos have existed as early as often widely used on coins, paintings, sculptures and even postboxes! Monogram logo designs will often be made by

This is a poster by Tor Weeks (who was also responsible for the Bikes of San Francisco poster in an earlier post). Here she takes one the more obscure typographic bits — the brackets — from different fonts to build her chart of typestaches.

If Fonts Wore Mustaches. In the spirit of ‘Movember’, San Franciso-based art director Tor Weeks has created an illustrated guide that explores the personalities of different fonts and the ‘type’ of mustache they would wear.

young and fresh type (the bird does add a bit girliness though)

R is for Robin by Dustin Wallace -Wallace Design House