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The Seller of Shellfish, John Thomson

Vintage : Old Pictures of London in Victorian Era :A Victorian shellfish stall holder selling oysters and whelks. Original Artwork: From 'Street Life In London' by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith (Photo by John Thomson/Getty Images)

'There is no sight to be seen in the streets of London more pathetic than this story the little child leading home a drunken parent.'

Dickens' London brought to life: Fascinating snapshot of Victorian street traders taken at the dawn of photography

'''Hookey Alf'' of Whitechapel' A rare book, 'Street Life in London' which was the first to document the lives of everyday Londoners in 1877 has been put up for auction. (Victorian street life in London - Telegraph)

Photochrome - An old second-hand furniture shop in Church Lane, Holborn, London 1877 (photo by J.Thompson and Adolphe Smith)

Old Furniture From 'Street Life in London', by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith: "At the corner of Church Lane, Holborn, there was a second-hand furniture dealer, whose business was a cross between that of a shop and a street stall.

Taken by John Thompson, In 1876 he set out with writer Adolphe Smith and together the pair spoke to people and the shots were later published in magazine, Street Life in London. The pictures, now stored at the Bishopsgate Institute..The exotic down and outs of Victorian London..

The exotic down and outs of Victorian London

Credit: John Thomson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images A young independent shoeblack shines the boots of a city gent 1877 street life in london

Street Advertising

Sweeps, quacks and crawlers: The down and outs of Victorian London

Street Advertising, John Thomson (Scottish, from Street Life in London, Woodburytype George Eastman Museum, Gift of Alden Scott Boyer

Street Life in London, ca. 1870s

Vintage photographs of street life in Victorian London by Scottish photographer John Thomson.

Silent Highway: The silent highway they navigate is no longer the main thoroughfare of London life and commerce, the smooth pavements of the streets have successfully competed with the placid current of the Thames -photo by John Thompson

Sweeps, nomads, quacks and crawlers: The exotic down and outs of Victorian London captured on camera in the 1870s

Life on the Thames, or as photographer John Thomson called it the 'Silent Highway.' Two sailors head down the river in a barge.