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the slippers... by lunaartgallery.

lunaartgallery: “ I’ve been watching action anime recently. Support my Patreon~!

so both one and two of this comic was inspired by this song...soon I will get to Outertale!Gaster song---->www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsoUa1… part1: bunnymuse.deviantart.com/art/I…

Gaster Gang by Bunnymuse on DeviantArt Gaster and his sons.

Can you fix my FEELS with a band-aid?!?!?!?! CAN YOU???!?!? NO. BECAUSE THE MEGALOVANIA WAS TOO INTENSE.

This is actually how I felt when I killed sans.<<< I haven't gotten the game cuz I spoiled it for myself.

Big bro sans gots his little sis frisks back :3

Can't believe this is real

Big bro sans got frisk's back<<< and apparently they have one of his ribs

Ow ow ow, okay, ow, my heart.

undertale, sans, frisk Not usually a big fan of Sand being a dad thing-- but this was just too cute.>> I can't choose if I like sans more as frisks father figure or as dating

I'm so glad this pin has so many repins. Remember, you are never alone.

One hot meme

When Undertale can bring a true message of hope and love, you know it's a good game

undertale, sans, papyrus, gaster, genocide

I actually have a theory that WingDings Gaster, because he has a writing font as a name like Sans and Papyrus, is actually their brother.