Une sélection des collages satiriques et engagés du street artist chilien Caiozzama, basé à Santiago, qui détourne les symboles du consumérisme et les i

Les collages satiriques de Caiozzama

“ The satirical collages of Caiozzama A selection of the satirical and engaged collages of the Chilean street artist Caiozzama, based in Santiago, who diverts the symbols of consumerism.

If you've seen these great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

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Graffiti, street art, Urban art, art, community art - I really like this piece of art because it has a lot of meaning behind it. It shows a blank wall that is being torn apart and behind it is so much color that is hidden.

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La fantastique amitié d’une petite fille de 4 ans et de son chat racontée dans une série de photographies

Face of a woman

I love it when artists play with nature in their work. In particular I have a thing for that kind of art that puts nature into a different perspective and makes you look at it in another way. A selection of artists have done exactly.

Let's buy a pump, this is the second time I've had to blow you up!

French artist Claire Streetart’s wall collages depicting couples kissing in sexy and often provocative positions are sweeping the streets of France.


Can people finally realize that art is what makes this earth spin. And that there's good jobs out there in the art field. You don't have to be a lawyer or doctor to make good money.

.::• Street Art •::. Call Parade on the Streets of São Paulo Photo by Mariane…

Call Parade on the Streets of São Paulo Photo by Mariane Borgomani / Wally Gobetz, artist unknown