Young heart(child like, vulnerable and open) old mind (intuitive, wise, analytic and creative) old heart young mind Taurus


Be honest like a Taurus. Sometimes I'm too honest for my own good and it has caused problems for me.


My squad: The loneliest people (Cancer) are the kindest, the saddest people (Pisces) smile the brightest, and the most damaged people (Me, the Cap) are the wisest.

Not sure if I really want to be spoiled, but I know I definitely spoil others

i’m libra and i loveeeee spoiling people but i also low key like being spoiled so kinda both but i guess this is right cause i only let certain people spoil me

Horoscopes, I´m Pisces

does that mean dan and phil live inside me. that went to a horrible place wow im sorry Paris, France