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Dolly Kei, a newer Japanese street fashion. "It's a little bit antique babydoll, a little bit Japanese lolita, a little bit boho-vintage. It's whimsy plus refinement.

Dearest Possession

Dolly kei (or dolly style/fashion) and Cult Party Kei are both japanese fashion inspired by vintage, used clothes of eastern Europe, fairy tales and others whimsical things.

Grimoire Tokyo Vintage & Antique Fashion 7th (53)

pictures from the Anniversary party of Grimoire Tokyo - one of Japan's most influential vintage and antique fashion boutiques.

The Dolly kei is a recent fashion style, which was developed by a student modeling Hitomi Nomura.Hitomi Nomura is the creator of the Dolly brand, she created her own boutique named Grimoire in Shinbuya Tokyo. Dolly kei or dolly style/fashion is a Japanese fashion inspired by vintage, very old clothes of eastern Europe.The style takes its  inspiration from antique dolls. The dolly kei uses a lot of sumptuous jeweled tones like ruby red, deep violet and malachite green.

dolly-kei: “ Heri, who I think is sort of a dolly kei hero at this point, looking phenomenal in green and black.

~Les Fleurs Noires~: Decor For Fashion: Dark Mori/Dolly Kei and Antique Decor

Dolly kei is similar in many ways to mori girl, but usually prefers a more feminine silhouette and more saturated colors and patterns (including makeup).