Cas cosplay

That awkward moment when the fandom mistakes a cosplay for Misha because this is exactly the type of thing Misha would do.<<<legit thought it was misha

I have a anti-possession necklace and one day this super Mormon kid asked what it was and I just said "a necklace." So he wouldn't know I'm crazy.

And loving Death probably doesn't help either.What the Supernatural Fandom looks like to other people <--- Hahahahaha! People just need to realize the difference between a pentagram and an anti possession symbol.

I seriously love this - and if you watch the video its amazing!

This was the best thing. Suicidal teddy bear, the body bag, Jensen Ackles' dancing.


Something is wrong with our fandom if we care about how Satan feels

Sam's hair. #Supernatural #Frozen the song is on you can find it by searching let it grow supernatural

I don't watch supernatural, but this song is really funny anyway! :) Frozen-supernatural mashup let it go / let it grow<< as someone who watches, i can confirm this is amazing.

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

Oh I love Garth sm he’s so great

Oh I love Garth sm he’s so great

With an awful lot of Dad-stiel. It's been a while since I made one of these. My tumblr:… I claim no ownership of the characters used in this piece. All rights ...

(Season 10 rewrite) Sass-tiel 13 by enginesummer on DeviantArt i love the fact that we share the same name =D daddy!Cas making dad jokes is honestly the best thing ever

although...the Dean cosplay looks a little startled like "wtf just happened?".......she doesn't look pleased....just saying. xD

Internet, I give you Misha Collins: the biggest dork who ever dorked and that just makes him even more lovable. (He's also the biggest destiel shipper!

No need for salt or Holy water. F@$#boys die from being locked in a room with no mirrors or cameras!

We finally found a way to get rid of the shitty part of the fandom. But, seriously, You don't mess with the Supernatural fandom.

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I think Jensen is trying to, or already has, renegotiate(d) his contract so that he does get the impala, especially since the prop people redid the engine so that it sounds completely awesome now

Love Crowley

Crowley, the Therapeutic King of Hell - Supernatural "Road Trip" and "First Born" Crowley has always been one of my favorites