Life on leave from work...

There's always a way to work Supernatural into a conversation. ALWAYS <<<<<< I don't even watch Supernatural, but this is me every day! Love it!


Cas and I get each other when it comes to social situations. (Unless we were in a social situation. In which case, we would look around awkwardly and avoid speaking.


Checking your phone at night…

Funny pictures about Checking your phone at night. Oh, and cool pics about Checking your phone at night. Also, Checking your phone at night.

So today this girl in my class had a supernatural backpack and my friend was like "omg she has devil worship sign on her backpack" and I just started laughing so hard and everybody was so scared and I was just laughing

Supernatural MEMES

The other day it played at Woolworths and I totally freaked out and my mum just looked at me like I was insane. Which is not far from the truth to be honest 😂

this cast <3!

Now I Have To Meet Them And Do This

I love that this is probably just some random fan who was like "Hey! Can I have a picture?" and instead of just clustering up and smiling they did THIS. Gosh, I love these guys.

This happens WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much!!!!!!!!! Like no joke this happens too much

bring it on and i'll make you feel stupid. I won't feel bad when i hurt your feelings. i love arguments. Come at me bro!

SuperWhoLocking: SuperWhoLock vs. The Hiatus<<<< or 8 seasons to one episode a week!

The 7 Stages Of A Man Getting Sick (In GIFs!)

You don't know true agony unless you've gone from watching 5 seasons in 2 days to 1 episode a week. Can't wait for the next Walking Dead season to be on Netflix!

I missed you Gabriel

"When your friend sees a hot guy." The fact that this is Gabe and Cas is hilarious<<It gets funnier when you realize that this scene was unscripted. Misha wasn't paying attention so Richard intervened.


I want this as my birthday cake.and yes I read the DAMMIT CAS in deans voice lol I need mental help this show has really gotten to me