Love the black and white, and the way the lights hang down at different lengths <3

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Project: Yanmar. Firm: Gensler Tokyo

Gensler Endows 8 offices with Serious Wow Factor

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LU ANDRETTA, Patrice Lémeret - Arquiteto

Tenbosch House - 2 circa 1906 art nouveaux houses in Brussels, reconfigured by architect Patrice Lemeret and interior designers Michel Penneman and Catharina Eklof. Photography by Serge Anton

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-This picture of the staircase has balance between the red on the ceiling and the black stairs themselves The Role Of Colors In Interior Design in Architecture & Interior design

The artistic pattern on the railing of one side of this staircase not only creates a unique design detail in the home, but also creates the pattern on the opposite wall when the sun shines through the sliding glass door.

11 Creative Stair Railings That Are A Focal Point In These Modern Houses

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Nothing screams luxury like a spiral staircase wrapped around an elevator! Luxury home interior lift shaft made of bronze and glass runs through all four storeys of the home, hidden inside the spiral staircase

Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London

Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London. The first self supporting spiral stair in Britain. / follow me on Twitter: @msissons  If I comment on somebody's photograph it's because I've been moved to do so, and it's nice to think people will do the same for me. However, PLEASE don't use banners and distracting graphics. Whilst it's always lovely to know someone likes a particular photo, these 'awards' are ugly and, because they don't say anything constructive, will be removed.

Each stair is lit from every angle, the stairs appear to be inside out, going up, and going down all at once. The color of the stairwell fades from a pigmented black to a soft blue.