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Jimmy Soho – A Classic NYC Bar, 18 Stories Up

Jimmy Rooftop Bar Interior Design with Ventless Fireplace by NY Hearth Cabinet

in my dream house I must have a sliding ladder for my book selves

Light library space, with lovely white armchairs and floor to ceiling bookshelves, artfully stocked. Floor to ceiling bookshelves with ladder.

Frames and mirrors on the front of built-in's. Bravo!

bright blue bookshelf, designed by Albert Hadley, Slim Aarons print, striped drapes + blind, cozy library

Splendid Sass - judylinn10@gmail.com - Gmail. Cream, camel, tan and touches of rust. Tobacco colored leather sofa. Kudos. Actually , this type of bookcase could be built on site by a good trim carpenter for less then purchasing a bookcase!

built ins with library ladder flanking either side of fireplace? Library with taupe built-in shelves and a cognac colored leather sofa

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