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Woman Eagle.

Kirsi Pyrhonen, photographed in Outer Mongolia, by Tim Walker for British Vogue, December large birds EAGLES hawks

Reminds me of a scene from Phantom of the Opera. "They say that this youth has set my Lady's heart aflame! Fop) His Lordship, sure, would die of shock! Fop) His Lordship is a laughingstock! (Confidante) Should he suspect her, God protect her!

Venice Carnival Blue Ladies - Google Search

Blue Masquerade Outfit with decorative matching owl. Castello De Tullevette Monticello from the House of Thoth


Before it was "earthing", it was just walking barefoot outside. And it wasn't even a health thing, it was just a being human thing. It's also my favorite health practice and human being practice.

Florian Cafe, Venice

Florian Cafe, Venice