Beautiful Intimate Outdoor Space For A Romantic Dinner! Wisteria Gate, Provence, France photo via victoria

beautiful wisteria...look at the twisted base

My goal for my Wisteria Vine. Hopefully pruning and some coaxing, I'll have a wisteria tree for our yard

dark purple forest - Google Search

Funny pictures about A purple wisteria flower garden in Japan. Oh, and cool pics about A purple wisteria flower garden in Japan. Also, A purple wisteria flower garden in Japan.

Wisteria Bridge, Japan

(Wisteria Bridge, Kyoto, Japan) Well, Bennett and Rieder Bennett how did we miss this? Guess we'll have to start planning a second trip including a pit stop in Kyoto ;

Would your mood elevate when you these beautiful flowers blossoming in your garden.

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This is amazing. Would love to have something like this on a small island on the lake by the event location. It would be amazing if there was a bridge that could take you there.

Wisteria explosion at the gazebo , isn't this amazing ! Put the wisteria I'm growing. on an outdoor room in west yard!

(via Plant Pictures: Wisteria floribunda - ‘Alba’ (Wisteria))  I can just smell the goodness!

Love this. Hanging flowers in the garden and a bench to admire them. White wisteria - is it even better than the purple?

Wisteria used to give texture and color to a whitewashed wall.

i want things that smell nice :: they come as trees or vines :: wall of wisteria