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Unique looking watch

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Cling Watch By Michael Remerich #Watch #Design Product Design #productdesign

Cling Watch By Michael Remerich - expensive watches for men, mens cuff watches, watches for women *ad

Magnifying glass watch, zooms in on the time!

Sleek motif meets punchline-funny eccentricity with the Zoomin Watch. Gennady Martynov and Emre Cetinkoprulu designed this nifty number which uses magnifying .

machined uniform.

Uniform Wares 250 Series Brushed/Walnut wrist watch -- I generally am not interested in watches, but this thing is drop-dead gorgeous.

Random Inspiration 192 - UltraLinx

Random Inspiration 192

Fossil Starck Watch | This digital style watch displays the time in a unique fashion. In a ring shaped display, the hours are displayed as numbers while the minutes are displayed in segments. As time goes by, the segments build making a complete ring every hour. The center is completely see through and the pusher is located on the case back to create this sleek styling.

This is the new Philippe Starck watch for Fosile. This O-Ring Digi focuses on sleek basics. The number on the watch face indicates the hour, and the segments, indicating minutes, fill up around the dial as the hour progresses.

Minimalist watch

Watchismo Times: Denis Guidone Concept Timepieces - Ora Unica Scribble Watch Ora il Legale Daylight Savings Tilt clock & Other Prototype Designs

RE-STOCK  Iron Samurai Watch -Rare Slim Design. -Screen: lampu LED untuk waktu dan tanggal display. -Material: Alloy -Length: adjustable. -Clasp: lipat Eksklusif atas desain kunci. -Two tombol untuk mode perubahan. -Setting: Waktu tanggal tahun. -Ukuran: 43  25  13mm.  Atur waktu: -Tekan Tombol bawah pada sisi kanan menonton. -Ini Akan menyebabkan pengaturan saat berkedip. -Lanjutkan Menekan tombol bawah sampai Anda tiba di pengaturan yang ingin Anda ubah. -Next Tekan tombol atas untuk…

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The beauty of VUE by Yves Behar in Watch

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"This could be the coolest watch ever. No, it is."

Steampunk Pocketwatch Mens Vintage Victorian Romantic Inspired Rare Black Double Sided See .

EleeNo Orbit Watch

Shop EleeNo Orbit Watch by Seahope. Free delivery on eligible orders of or more.

Jormungand, By Dave Prince - The concept behind Jormungand is from Norse mythology. Jormungand is a serpent that is large enough to encircle the earth and hold onto his own tail. As the story goes, when Jormungand lets go of his own tail the earth will end. The forms of Jormungand are about eternity and time flowing back into itself, hence the helical disc shapes that make up the hour and minute "hands." I designed this as an internal project for Integrated Design Solutions.

"Jormungand" watch concept by MN designer Dave Prince. The large inner- and smaller outer-bands display the hour and minutes, respectively.