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Valentine's messages infographic

Looking for some inspiration this Valentine's Day? Take a look at the infographic for some tips. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending holiday after Christmas and approximately 1 billion cards are sent every year.

The Cost of Christmas Infographic

The Cost of Christmas Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Lifestyle category. Check out The Cost of Christmas now!

Coca Cola vs. Pepsi. An ongoing battle.u I personally prefer coke...like lots of fizz, However if you prefer Pepsi ,I think it's because it's much sweeter

Food infographic Coke and Pepsi Cola Wars… Infographic Description Coke and Pepsi Cola Wars – Infographic Source – -

Check out these fun "mom" day facts, including how to wish yours a Happy Mother's Day in other languages. To see how Cultural Care Au Pair is celebrating our host moms, visit: http://aupairbuzz.culturalcare.com/mothersday/

Why we celebrate Mother's Day: origins, traditions and "I love you Mom" in different languages

Why are We Afraid of the Dark? - Lifehack Recently discovering this is a problem for me #ScardyCat

Why are We Afraid of the Dark?

Funny pictures about Why are we afraid of the dark? Oh, and cool pics about Why are we afraid of the dark? Also, Why are we afraid of the dark?

Are Women Bad Drivers? (I already knew they weren't... another example of culturally accepted misogyny that it's assumed they are)

Infographic: Are Women Bad Drivers? In an infographic by Shift Insurance, it takes a look at the statistics behind men and women drivers—to see who is more responsible for car crashes and bad driving habits.

Fairytale Weddings

As Weddington Way Stylists, we hope all of our brides feel like princesses on their special day, and are able to enjoy their own version of the perfect wedding. Here are some real-life weddings that really are true fairy tale affairs!

A Guide to the Complex World of Airline Fees by Armani (via Creattica)

From overweight bags to flight changes and pets to unaccompanied minors, there is no shortage of fees that airlines will try to charge you. See the different add-on fees of 10 major domestic airlines here.