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Yeah, cuz its only the election that will determine who will run our country -and command our military - for the next four years. No big deal. Who cares?

exactly... like maybe the sacrifice those of us in military relationships are making for them....

a lot of people don't realize how lucky they are to even be in the same room as their partner. "you don't hate people in civilian relationships, you just wish they'd appreciate the little things more.

This is so true!

How's this for an Army wife meme? You know you're a military wife when you call your husband's friends by only their last names…

Thought of you, Kaleigh. But, I'd argue that it's true for any of our fine men in uniform. :)

exactly how i feel about my Marine "Who needs Magic Mike or Christian Grey when you've got a Marine in Dress Blues?

Unless you want a steak knife in your forehead, don't even think about touching me when it's so damn hot out! Hating Summer....

i Out boob you!you do out boob me! But I am tanner!